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You're just 4 steps away from using

Grasshopper 2.1 

to sell new and used books, dvds and videos on


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Grasshopper Software Ltd is proud to present Grasshopper 2.1: a user friendly application that helps you sell books, dvds and vhs videos on Grasshopper 2.1 makes selling online an extremely quick and simple process; even for those technophobes amongst us!

Who ever you are: if you have in excess of 300 used or new books, dvds or videos that you want to sell and expect to sell more than 30 items per month then Grasshopper 2.1 is for you.

Are you a small business selling online?

Are you a charity, community group or project with items to sell?

Are you an individual with stuff cluttering up your house?

Are you looking for a new source of income?

...then why not sell your used or new books, dvds and videos on using Grasshopper 2.1

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The Grasshopper 2.1 Product

Grasshopper 2.1 is a complete selling solution for Marketplace Pro-Merchant Sellers. Aimed at small businesses, charities and individuals Grasshopper 2.1 has been built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers.

Grasshopper 2.1 is a powerful tool which automates the Amazon listing and selling processes, allowing you to create listings and dispatch your sales in a matter of seconds; Grasshopper 2.1 dramatically reduces the time it takes you to list and sell books, dvds and vhs videos on

Grasshopper 2.1 is a complete selling package. This tool manages your inventory of stock; allows you to re-price your listings using real time data and sophisticated pricing algorithms; handles refunds and returns; and includes financial management processes. In addition, inventory, sales and financial reports, at both detailed and summary levels, give you control over your stock and your business.

The current version of Grasshopper (2.1) provides support for Pro-Merchant sellers on the marketplace. Grasshopper Software Ltd plans to extend the functionality of the Grasshopper 2.1 tool to support many other Amazon categories including music, software, and PC & video games.

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 Our Prices

Grasshopper is currently available with a 15 day free trial. Register with us on this website, and then down load the full version of Grasshopper 2.1 for your trial.

One of the many innovative things about Grasshopper is that if you don't sell anything, we won't charge you anything. After your trial period has ended, you will be charged a flat fee of ¬£0.10 + vat for each item that you sell using the Grasshopper tool, independent of the price of that item. Please note that as for all Pro-Merchant sellers, charges do apply, please see the web site for full details

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